I'm a content marketing manager and experienced photographer, with a unique athletic background and a passion for creating multimedia content such as special effects photos, video podcasts, music videos, and corporate animations.

Before attending college, I was a professional slackliner for almost 10 years, both with Cirque du Soleil and as an independent artist. You can see some of my slackline videos here. When I realized my body needed a break from performing, I re-shaped my creative interests and ability to work under pressure into a new career in marketing. These days, I'm interested in content production/management and creative directing.
I specialize in digital media, but my interests reach far beyond this. I also enjoy composing and performing music, drawing comics, disc golfing, woodworking, studying history and economics, cooking a variety of dishes, and more.
Contact me if you're interested in working together, brainstorming project ideas, or just chatting!